Martin Rieder Inhaber

Ing. Martin Rieder

» Director; Technical Safety/Documentation; Product Compliance, Fire/Ex/Radiation Protection, Certifications, Lecturer/Speaker, Author

Elisabeth Rieder

Elisabeth Rieder

» Assistant to the management; organisational management

Christian Dörfler

Ing. Christian Dörfler

» Project Manager; Technical security; CE coordinator, safety specialist, fire protection, technical documentation assistance

DI Helene Bauer, MSc.

» Technical writing; CMS, Plant/Engineering documentation

DI Dr. mont. Hannes Kern

» Consultant; Explosion protection, Fire protection, Disaster management, Research

Ing. Stefan Gruber-Barowitsch

» Consultant; CMS; SCHEMA ST4

Ing. Pascal Trimmel

» Consultant; Safety specialist; Quality management

Jörg Meixner

Mag. Jörg Meixner

» Consultant; Sales; Organisational development