Anyone who makes products available on the market, places them on the market or operates them must fulfil a number of legal-normative requirements. This presents manufacturers, importers, distributors and operators of machinery and equipment with a complex task. Safety gaps in products endanger operating personnel or users and can result in high costs and legal consequences in the event of an accident.

Inadequate and inefficient preparation of risk assessments, evaluations and technical documentation often causes additional costs, generates high research efforts and usually leads to negative legal consequences.

Products that do not comply with the law jeopardise their availability on the market, can be withdrawn from the market by authorities and banned from distribution and operation. Damage to the image and loss of turnover can be the result.

With our services, knowledge and experience, you as a planner/engineer, developer, manufacturer, importer, dealer or operator can avoid such situations.

CAVEO offers a wide range of technical and consulting services at least, but not limited to the preparation of risk assessments, evaluation of operating sites and preparation of technical documentation from a single source.

Our services also include carrying out conformity assessment procedures, researching legal and normative requirements for your product, evaluating, processing and analysing information provided, working out solutions and measures, evaluating and calculating safety-relevant control systems, evaluating operating sites and creating and processing technical documentation, as well as various training courses.


We support our customers in all stages of product development and advise manufacturers aas well as operators of machines and systems on safety. Due to our expertise, you can be sure that your products are legally-normative compliant and correspond to the state of the art in (safety) technology.

CAVEO stands for quality and professionalism, from initial consultation to project completion.