Technical safety

CAVEO offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of plants and machinery.

Conformity assessment

  • Machinery and equipment (industrial plants, process engineering plants)
  • Special machinery
  • Interlinked systems and plants
  • HRK applications
  • Technical products
  • Technical documentation

Implementation and support

  • Risk assessment
  • Software-supported modularisation of risk assessments (e. g. by using Safexpert)
  • Hazard assessment
  • Assessment on technical safety


  • Legal compliance (standards, guidelines, regulations etc.)
  • Product safety and forensic engineering
  • Product liability, liability for defects, warranty
  • Machine/plant modification and modernisation (retrofit)
  • Legal advice in cooperation with our legal partners (law firms) on commercial law, property law, product liability, Product recall, contract drafting, warranty, guarantee, Market surveillance, damages, copyright, trade law, Consumer goods law, etc.
  • Technical design and conception (legal-normative requirements)

Test & Certification

  • Export certifications
  • Laboratory and machine testing for the European market
  • EMC conformity testing and pre-compliance testing
  • ATEX gases and dusts (LEL testing, LIT, MIT etc.)
  • Stopping time testing and performance reliability
  • International product certification (c-tick, CCC, UL, CSA, TR-CU etc.),
    in cooperation with our accredited test laboratory

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  • Administrative deadlines
  • Plant inspections
  • Factory equipment approval for operating facilities
  • Safety-related support and engineering supervision
  • Product marking EU (CE marking)

Concept development

  • Protective measures
  • Safety functions (functional safety)
  • Protection concepts for industrial plants
  • Fire protection and evacuation
  • Inspection concepts

Review and revision

  • Existing machinery and equipment
  • Stock documentation
  • Technical documentation (safety/warning instructions, conformity, etc.)
  • Parts/components (supplied documents, labelling, etc.)
  • Safety functions (validation and verification)
  • Existing protection concepts
  • Inspections according to ยง82b GewO (Austria)

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