Workplace safety

CAVEO takes employee protection and accident prevention seriously. We offer a wide range of services to protect you and your employees.


  • External safety specialist
  • External fire protection officer

Consultation and evaluation

  • Workplace evaluation
  • Fire protection and safe escape
  • Noise, vibration and radiation protection
  • Personal protective equipment against falls from a height
  • Occupational health management
  • Mental stress in the workplace
  • Crisis management and disaster control


  • Work equipment (e. g. doors, gates, ladders, lifting equipment, machines)
  • Workplaces (e. g. office, commercial, industrial, educational)
  • Personal protective equipment against falls from a height

Planning, engineering and implementation

  • Fire protection plans / fire protection concepts
  • Escape route plans
  • Safety and health documentation
  • Evacuation and emergency drills
  • Desktop Exercises
  • Fire protection training / fire extinguisher training
  • Disaster management concepts in cooperation with our partner


  • Administrative appointments
  • Site inspection
  • Factory equipment approval for operating facilities
  • In / after operational crisis situations (setting up crisis team, crisis management, PEER intervention, etc.)

Instruction and training

  • Employees (safety at the workplace, on construction sites, during business trips, etc.) and assemblies, recognising accident potential and avoiding accidents, etc.)
  • Employers (safety at work, liability, organisation, leadership, etc.)

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