Customer examples

CAVEO is a reliable and competent partner for technical safety, safety in operation and technical documentation. The great success and the numerous recommendations speak for themselves. In the first few years, we were able to provide safety to a whole range of well-known companies.

“BBG Baugeräte GmbH relies on the practical know-how of CAVEO Safety Management & Documentation – Ing. Martin Rieder in technical documentation! The very good cooperation goes far beyond a classic consulting service”

Ing. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Richard Treutler, BBG Baugeräte GmbH

“CAVEO (safety management documetation) under the leadership of Mr. Martin Rieder is the right contact. CAVEO is/has -competent – proposefully – good social network -detail-oriented -passionate working If you need technical documentation, risk assesment or some think for safety managment I recommend CAVEO.”


Werner Staber (†), Inteco melting & casting technologies GmbH


“Super lecture, which from my point of view was very entertaining. I found the practical examples and detailed explanations perfect. Thank you very much.”

Participant feedback, tekom Annual Conference 2020