About us

Independent engineering consultant for technical safety, workplace safety, technical documentation, product & legal conformity.


We combine our motto “Focus On Safety” with technical competence and experience. We do not create 08/15 solutions; we develop solutions that are legally and technically appropriate and feasible. We also test and inspect technical products, work equipment and systems.

“As a specialist for product safety, conformity and product documentation, we offer customised services. We create safety concepts, take care of the necessary tests, clarify standard and legal issues and create the corresponding documentation. We share our knowledge in various training programmes.”

Martin Rieder, Independent Engineering Consultant


Our active participation in national standardisation committees (ASI, ÖVE), European committees (CEN, CENELEC, DKE, DIN) and international committees (ISO, IEC) enables us to identify changes at an early stage and represent the interests of our customers and partners accordingly. We contribute our experience and expertise to a wide range of committees, which enables us to have influence on the development of standards and their content.

In addition to our participation in standardization, we are represented in various national, European and international boards, so that we represent the interests of our customers and partners here as well. In this way, we form an important interface between customers/partners and public stakeholders, authorities, trade associations, professional associations, guilds and the European Commission.

We actively involved in the development of technical standards in many areas, such as machinery safety, explosion protection, consumer product safety, safety labelling, OHS, technical documentation & communication, language services and product documentation.

To understand the relevance of standards, we need to understand where and how they are applied.

If you have questions about the application and implementation of legal and normative standards, we are your perfect fit!

We know how to do it, we are at the source, we are actively involved.

If you would like to help shape it yourself, we will be happy to help you.


Since its foundation, CAVEO has enjoyed steady growth. With know-how, reliability and vision, our clients grow with us and we with our clients. CAVEO’s core team is supported by many freelancers, consultants as well as selected and proven partners.


The focus of our activities on technical safety, the safety of operating sites and technical documentation enables us to respond to the needs of our customers in a targeted and individual manner and to offer a competent and experienced partner.

We permanently monitor changes in the markets (Europe, Asia, Oceania, America) in order to continuously adapt to growing needs. Ongoing training ensures a first-class professional level at the latest state of knowledge.


Openness and honesty – Trust and respect – Professionalism and reliability